Trump’s ‘grieving’ was over in the blink of an eye

your say August 30, 2018 01:00

Re: “Don’t nictitate, you might miss something”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

The silly season persists, I observe. Take this as a shining example of ab irato: the Pooterish cockalorum Nigel Pike, in his rush to support the unsupportable, has found a new word, used in the letter by me he refers to: nictitate, and with it he threatens apoplectic froth. Such is his gushing revelation, he desperately offers us a definition. Oh, dear; I’m truly sorry if I’ve touched that exposed nerve again, Nige. There’s more:

The fact that Trump was eventually shamed into offering what Nigel calls his “immediate” tweet, or belated condolences to the bereaved McCain family (with no mention of the deceased, we note) is neither here not there, and with lowered, raised, and lowered again half-mast flags notwithstanding.

In supporting his vainglorious work of creative fiction, the klazomaniac Mr Pooter-Pike offers us this shameless fanfaronade: “The notion that anyone [sic] with views to the right of Stalin is necessarily a white-skinned, goose-stepping, racist, fascist, segregationist, homophobic Nazi with a predilection for pointy white hats is of course patently absurd, and is propagated by the post-truth New World Order-ists (eg Dr Frank) when they lose any argument founded on fact, reason and common sense (eg from me).” Chortle.

Now steady on Nige, do kindly keep your fanciful Nuremberg notions under control, me old fruit. 

It’s instructive, though, to see that Pikey is still not letting his obvious education get in the way of ignorance. 

Dr Frank



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