Beijing has violated Olympic charter to deprive Taiwan of Games

your say August 29, 2018 01:00

Following a wave of coercion used in recent months by China to make multinational business and airline operators change their designation of Taiwan, Beijing exerted its power again on July 24 to influence the East Asian Olympic Committee (EAOC) to cancel Taiwan’s right to host the 2019 East Asian Youth Games.

The EAOC’s abrupt decision and failure to consult with the Taichung City government is unjustified and unacceptable to the people of Taiwan.

Having won the right to host the games on October 24, 2014, Taichung City has dutifully made preparations for the event in accordance with the host-city contract and the EAOC’s constitution and regulations. More than US$20 million has been invested in building sports arenas and related works. The political intervention in this matter violates the spirit of the Olympic charter, and has not only deprived outstanding athletes in Taiwan and other East Asian countries of their right to compete, but also gravely infringed Taiwan’s member rights.

Taichung has lodged a protest with the EAOC but remains willing to host the games and urges the EAOC to reconsider its decision and return hosting rights to the Taiwanese city.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand

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