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Re: Prayut threatens to sue media, The Nation, Aug 24

Summon and charge other parties under some silly article, sue the media and once you win an election, call it democracy


Classic Thainess rhetoric.


As the saying goes “If you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen.”  

Four years and he still hasn’t concluded that running a country is not like running an army that hasn’t been to war in decades.  

I’m not sure, really. Was the last time truly in 1941, when the French had been invaded by Germany and already disarmed, as I’m told?

The Deerhunter

“The media have to be careful. I am not threatening the media. You need to be accountable for what you do. There are good media and I have to thank them.”


Good Media Poodle wags tail like a dog possessed

PS: “You need to be accountable for what you do” back at ya, General.

Small Joke

Talking of Prayut suing someone. What has happened in the serious case of Prayut suing the person who dared mention the brand name of his wife’s handbag.


The outcome may be a little one sided!

Or sure, why not sue, when one can’t lose!


A reason to again postpone elections? Pesky media. It’s a better excuse than a dog ate the constitution?

in Thailand

Talk about someone suffering from both hubris and insecurity. Rather pathetic to watch.

If democracy is defined by outlawing political parties that offer competition to the status quo, threatening the media, and threatening critics – then he on the fast track to Democracy 4.0 which is a new form of democracy: Democratic totalitarianism? Amazing Thailand.


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