Duterte right to snarl at China

your say August 24, 2018 01:00

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte stated that he would affirm the country’s territorial claims in the South China Sea if China chooses to take control of mineral explorations in the resource-rich waters. He also said that Eduardo Ano, Interior and Local Government Officer-in-Charge, will carry a knife and stab the Chinese if there’s uranium there. 

He believes it’s very possible that we can have conflict with China if they insist on the exploration.

As a concerned citizen, I thank Duterte for not giving up our rights in the disputed sea. It’s true that we cannot go to war with China because obviously we will end up losing everything. The economy, territory and more lives will be sacrificed. 

Duterte is ready to strike a tactical bargain to contest what’s ours. The question is are we allowing China to exploit our natural resources?

Our country should be extra-concerned with this because such an act would pose a serious threat to us and to other claimant nations. This particular issue should awaken the spirit of patriotism in every Filipino and unite the nation in asserting our sovereign right to our exclusive economic zone.

Ann R Aquino