Dog owners, like their pets, are no more than vermin

your say August 24, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Khon Kaen man arrested for killing neighbour’s peeing dog”, Around Thailand, The Nation, August 22.

Throughout history, thieves, rapists, murderers and other deviants have been hunted down and punished by society. Why is it that one group of perverts is permitted to live freely among normal people?

I talk of course of dog owners.

These antisocial perverts have no manners, morals, ethics or even human feelings. They hold their neighbours and all around then in complete contempt.

They consider their obnoxious animals to be worth more than any human life. And they inflict their perversion on society with impunity.

Why is this?

We now have the case of a man being prosecuted simply for protecting his property from one of these disgusting, useless animals. He should be commended, not prosecuted.

The death of a dog is cause for celebration!

I ask, why is that the owner of this filthy creature is not brought to task? Why did he not control it?

The answer is written above – no manners, morals or ethics.

Dog owners are no better than the vermin they keep.

Prosecute them, not the innocent, normal people.

Enough of dogs