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Re: Ex-PM fires back at Prayut after his encounter with another Yingluck, The Nation, Aug 21

Orange is the new black when the yellows stole the country from the reds using the green machine supported by the boys in brown.

Small Joke

Good for her. He stole the PM job and history will not be kind to him. Yingluck, Thailand’s first elected female PM, will be remembered for stoically resisting the bullyboys.


First elected party list female PM and first female PM to be removed by a court for an abuse of power; first to become a fugitive by fleeing from a court verdict after promising never to leave and fight to the death on the field of democracy.

Same same only female.


Yes, she was driven from her home to the nearest border with no obstacles or hurdles. Very dramatic. Maybe they should make a road trip movie about it. 


The mammoth in the room that still gives P sleepless nights.


Fleeing from a court verdict that was never fair or just. Fighting for democracy is better done without subjecting yourself unlawfully to the care of the junta, ask a few lese majeste offenders. Oh you can’t as they are not with us anymore...

I do one better, I believe she was the first PM to have been assisted out of the country to be a much more accurate description. Or do you still believe the junta did not help her flee ?

In any case, good to see she is still ready to annoy Prayut, even if it is from abroad, whilst the criminal Prayut can stay in Thailand due to a self awarded amnesty, she looks like an angel compared to him. 


Word is that Prayut started the thread, “I’m being blackmailed and want to prosecute this Stank”.


He still thinks he is the savior of Thailand yet he has accomplished virtually nothing. 


If Thaksin and his puppet really feel that Thailand lacks their leadership, why do they not come back and be legally involved?  They are so pure and forthright.  

If you feel that you have been done wrong then come back and face the p[eople.  Let the people and their courts decide what happens.

Kingstonkid / ThaiVisa

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