Odd theory on causes, effects of globalisation

your say August 20, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Why does globalisation strengthen nationalism?”, Opinion, August 10. 

The article states that the “globalisation of economic, cultural and social life actually means the westernisation of the non-West. This is the main reason why most non-Western countries become anti-Western.” Oh, really? He provides no evidence for this. 

What a sad state of affairs it is to have someone actually believe this. The tone of his article seems to indicate that Asian countries should be rejecting globalisation. I think, more than anything, he is justifying why Asian countries should stubbornly hold on to their cultures instead of embracing the forces of openness and goodwill.

Western countries routinely admit hundreds of thousands of immigrants from all over the world each year. The non-Western ones rarely admit anyone!

In the writer’s home country of South Korea, there is a huge uproar over the fact that 600 or so Yemenis have tried to gain refugee status via Jeju Island. People have been protesting in hordes at the top of their lungs against this, yet Europeans have accepted hundreds of thousands of such individuals with, until recently, barely a peep made. 

(It should also be noted that Yemen is a country that was unified after World War II in 1990, when the South and the North merged. This runs directly against what the writer said: “In reality, since WWII, no existing state has merged into another state and no newly established states have merged with other states, new or old.”)

Globalisation implies that the whole world becomes an interrelated place where there is a free exchange of ideas and countries respect one another. It has nothing to do with the West or anyone else for that matter imposing its views upon anyone. It is up to each country to embrace and deal with the effects of globalisation, instead of looking on it as some conspiracy that the West seeks to impose on others. Some countries do not want to be part of the global world and want to stay in their own little spheres. So the Western conspiracy explanation is just an excuse to stay in one’s own confines.


Khon Kaen