Iranian complaints hypocritical given ‘hurt’ caused by Islam

your say August 18, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Depiction of Ayatollah hurtful to global Muslim population”, Have Your Say, August 17.

To the snowflake at the Embassy of Iran, I say this: “Thou hypocrite! First, cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7:5)

Firstly, Stephff’s cartoon of Iran’s non-elected Supreme Leader is heavily outnumbered by his vicious and derogatory cartoons of the (elected) US president on a weekly basis, yet I haven’t noticed any whinging letters from the US Embassy on this page.

Second, Buddhism, Christianity and other religions practised in this country preach liberty, tolerance, freedom of expression and self-reliance, and in that regard are genuine religions of peace that don’t demand total submission under threat of death, as Islam does.

Third, the activities of certain sectors of the global Muslim population are more than just “hurtful” to Jews and Christians. Try asking the survivors of the Yazidi genocide in northern Iraq, the families of the kids killed in the Bataclan massacre, or the tens of thousands of French Jews driven out of France in recent years by Muslim invaders.

So, Iranian snowflakes, we in this free country regard it rather “tyrannous and cruel” to see photos of convicted Iranian robbers hanging by their necks from cranes, and to note that your use of torture puts your country at the foot of the human rights table. 

But we don’t barge into your country blowing up journalists, like your global Muslim compatriots did in Denmark and France, simply due to a wretched cartoon. It’s called freedom – and respect for independent nation states. Get used to it, and go see an optician.

Nigel Pike

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