The mysterious firing by the junta of AMLO chief

your say August 17, 2018 01:00

Re: Romsit loses AMLO post for failure to expedite politically sensitive cases, The Nation, Aug 16

“...Pol Maj-General Romsit Viriyasan was abruptly removed from his top post at the Anti-Money Laundering Organisation (AMLO) largely because he failed to expedite a number of long-delayed politically sensitive cases...”

The above may or may not be true; when you have an unelected, untransparent government, there is simply no way of knowing. The junta is saying “trust us” and I don’t believe their record justifies that trust.

“...Prayut said yesterday that though Romsit had done nothing wrong, AMLO’s leadership had been changed to make the agency more efficient. ..”

Again, “trust me”. And again, you have not earned trust like that.

“...For NCPO, the top AMLO post is crucial, especially in view of the looming general election due some time next year. Hence, the AMLO secretary-general has to be someone who can take immediate action to speed up pending cases that are politically sensitive...”

This is a sad situation; if the junta can’t trust someone they themselves appointed a short time ago. It tells me that they think he will not protect them from the law. Sad and disgusting.

“...Over the past two months, few key cases under AMLO’s jurisdiction have advanced, especially in relation to politically sensitive cases such as those related to Panthongtae Shinawatra, son of fugitive former premier Thaksin...”

There it is; he didn’t attack the junta’s enemies’ family. Puke. Hey generals! What would you do if someone attacked your families?

No wonder Thai people are so cynical of politics and politicians! This seems to be a case where the junta is stacking “independent” organisations with loyalists so that if they do not maintain power legitimately, they have the means (yet again!) to stop a legitimate government through the use of “independent” agencies.


Romsit was removed because he asked a disallowed question.


There are no government organs that are free from political intrigue in Thailand. Elections were the only mechanism, and that mechanism lay broken by the butt of a rifle. The next election will have more in common with the Cambodian sham that recently took place than the one that took place in Malaysia. They fired him over the petty feud with the Shinawatra.


They certainly didn’t give him enough time in the job to properly evaluate him. It is more likely that he went after some “sacred cows” which would be a big No No with the junta.


“Politically sensitive cases” is used to describe those cases that are likely to embarrass PM Prayut during his election campaign. They would have people believe that justice is what motivates this action but in reality it is the consequences for the prime minister if they don’t clear the decks of troublesome matters of public and media interest prior to the the election run-up. Which only confirms what he said he would confirm in September; that he will be running as a candidate.



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