Why would you want to videotape a suicide?

your say August 16, 2018 01:00

Re: “Don’t videotape a suicide, doctors say – save that life”, The Nation, August 14

Kind of says it all, when you need to give this sort of advice to people.


To me, Dr Boonreung is only pointing out what the normal reaction to the majority is now-a-days, and that is to make sure you get a recording to increase your views on social media instead of taking into consideration the mental health of the person about to off themselves.

I truly don’t think I’m exaggerating the above. It is a sad world that a doctor even has to broach a subject like this.


I have nothing but contempt for anyone who videos and then shares a suicide on social media. 

They are sad little *****. 


This is humanity. The world of humanity is a world of problems, self-made problems. All problems can be solved with acceptance, “it is as it is, I say yes to what is”. 

Those who record another’s suffering are viewing their own suffering which they have under control, “Look! there is someone who has said no to what is.”


Suicides should not be filmed or even mentioned in any media. 

When I was young there was a problem with young people committing suicide, and almost every time one did it a few followed within a few days. 

Media stopped reporting the deaths as suicide and called it a tragic event instead or didn’t mention it at all, and the rate of suicides dropped drastically. 


You watch the news BS. I nearly cry watching mums and dads carrying their small children to hospital in places like Syria. Even closer to home was Manus Island run by the Oz government. This is learnt behaviour. Sad BS.

Chris Lawrence

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