Let’s all just eat whatever we want

your say August 15, 2018 01:00

Re: “Being vegan isn’t really that difficult”, Have your Say, August 9.

Of course I am aware of cruelty in the dairy-farming sector, but it is not standard practice, as some animal-rights activists try to make out. There are bad apples in every barrel, but that’s no justification for chucking out the entire barrel. Better and more effec?tively enforced legislation to root out abuses is the answer.

The trouble with debates like this is that both sides can cite statistics and other evi?dence to back up their points of view, and this can be batted back and forth until the cows come home. 

For example, there is plenty evidence to show that the environmental impact of live?stock farming is not as severe as some claim, and that alternatives, such as almond milk, come with their own environmental impact. 

Also, it is obvious that many of the claims of cruelty to dairy cows in particular are false or wildly and emotionally exaggerated, such as the nonsensical description of cows being artificially inseminated as a form of “rape”.

It all comes down to a matter of choice. In a free society, people should be able to make their own dietary choices.

Robin Grant

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