Where does Stephff get these offensive ideas?

your say August 15, 2018 01:00

Re: “Stephff not big on Mid-East coffee”, Have Your Say, August 10.

Stephff is having a fit, just like his readers who may fit like him after seeing his cartoon (feeling insulted or misrepresented), or give it a laugh (a good response) or just ignore it (not interesting). 

I feel sorry for the Iranian diplomat whose country was denounced by Stephff publicly. How can Stephff be so upset about Iran just because of the jailed journalists and cartoon?ists? Is he so sure about their innocence? 

Perhaps the diplomat’s intention was not to “harass” Stephff at his home but just to say hello or to clarify the current rift between Iran and Mr Trump that he thought Stephff might have misunderstood.

Stephff does not have to open his heart to the diplomat in disagreeing, but he could open his ears and listen to what they say. A newspaper cartoonist’s work is to capture the essence of the news events (based on facts) in a humorous, sarcastic and entertaining way. He shouldn’t use his position as a platform for his likes and dislikes. 

When I looked at Stephff’s August 9 car?toon portraying Iran’s supreme leader sitting on $90 billion in cash, I could see why the diplomat was concerned. Stephff has to explain where he came across this $90 bil?lion allegation. He has to back up his claim with facts. Otherwise he owes an apology to the Iranian people, not just to the diplomat. 

Yingwai Suchaovanich

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