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Re: Import of plastic waste banned

They should also ban plastic waste here. Locals are the world’s worst for plastic waste.

Oh, I have finished with it, just throw it away anywhere will do, over the wall, out of the car window, just throw it.


This is good if actually enforced and maintained as a rule and law ... time will tell!

But a serious question? What about recent articles about tonnes of e-waste being imported into Thailand since China shut its doors to the world’s e-waste.

This has been reported on recently (last few weeks) but is also very dangerous with many toxic elements that could end up in land-fill or worse being stripped (mined) out somewhere locally without any due care and attention?

We need an update on that!!


Ban single use/throw away plastic altogether.


How will the locals decorate their front yards, gardens, streets, parks etc now??


I see it as a missed opportunity for a great business for a Thai company to take this on.

It’s a real shame Somchai and his gang, can’t be trusted to protect his workers and to do the job correctly. Just imagine what they could charge for this service, with the correct management in place.

Own goal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s like they don’t have enough of their own plastic waste? This is literally a plastic nation.

Sup3r1 or

A good start.

overherbc / ThaiVisa

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