Why does Thailand need so many soldiers?

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Re: “PM defends conscription system”, The Nation,  yesterday

“What are we going to do without soldiers?”

The next generation of generals?


No the next generation of uneducated serfs,  exactly  what the PM and his puppeteers and elite supporters want to maintain.  In fact they may be soldiers by name but hardly by training or nature.


Is Thailand the only country that has more generals than conscripts?

I heard a major supermarket were considering a buy-two-get-one-free offer.


“Needs soldiers in times of crisis” – i.e.,   the next COUP.


But, on the other side...  there’s a lot of 

aimless Somchais out there, that could do with a bit of discipline...


All you end up with is a bunch of fairly fit aimless Somchais, who have a rudimentary knowledge of tactics and know their way around infantry weapons.

Not a terribly good thing if you are concerned about restless people and areas, and you are in power by virtue of being a military junta, which seized power in a coup which prevented an election, which was likely to be won by people probably favoured by said Somchais and their kin.


The draft needs to end. No way my male children (who are Thai citizens) will be soldiers. Speaking of which I heard it's quite easy to avoid the draft. Anyone know what needs to be done? Pay a fine? This is Thailand after all.


UK and Thailand have similar population sizes. UK armed forces – approximately 230,000 personnel. Professionals, no conscripts (Territorial Army are volunteers, but well-trained). 

Thai Armed Forces – approximately 700,000 personnel. I can’t comment about professionalism.

Seems to me that Thailand should employ fewer, but better trained and better paid, people. Encourage young men and women to consider the armed forces as a career and gradually phase out conscription.



From Facebook:

Military need soldiers to overthrow elected government.

Thomas Lee 

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