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your say August 07, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Unfair calls in the savage letters arena”, Have Your Say, August 4.

I was hard pressed to suppress a wry smile when I read Eric Bahrt’s touching, plaintive response to being called a “sissy” and being threatened with a “punch in the mouth”. Clearly he was upset by being on the receiving end of such comments, but his sensitivity is surprising, given that the fellow has described me, quite unjustifiably, as a hypocrite, a fool and a liar, and a glutton. 

Others have suffered similar abuse, so Eric’s expectation of sympathy and support when he gets a taste of his own unpalatable medicine is surely misplaced.

Actually, I don’t mind too much being the target for such vitriol, from any source, because it usually shows that the author has run out of constructive ideas or criticisms, and has thus taken the easier option of getting personal, indicating that the argument has been lost.

Robin Grant