Keep it between the sheets and out of the newspaper

your say August 07, 2018 01:00

Re: “There s nothing wrong with having a bonk between the sheets”, August 1.   

According to the various dictionaries I have read, “bonk” has more than one meaning, but in the manner that Ye Olde Pedant used it, it means sexual intercourse. However, Wikitionary cautions that bonk is only used in “informal communication” in this manner, “chiefly in Britain”.

Enough said. This underscores what I have been saying all along: When used to denote sexual intercourse, bonk should only be used on the street, and not in written communication. If anyone believes otherwise, then he is surely deluded.      

I will give the above his due and admit that the word in question is not the worst form of slang. Nonetheless, for me, it is irrelevant whether bonk is slang or not – the bottom line is that it does not belong in a newspaper. To make matters worse, Ye Olde Pedant said he is a teacher. I know one thing – if he is teaching my kids, then I am taking them out of his class!


Khon Kaen