Who is peddling in fake news here?

your say August 01, 2018 01:00

Re: Getting beyond the groupthink on Trump”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Mr Pike’s letter yesterday merits a short answer.

Pike didn’t respond to the fact that it was President Trump who introduced the policy to separate toddlers from their parents. Due to the resulting uproar among Americans, he gave an executive order to withdraw the policy. Describing Trump as “compassionate” in this regard is therefore preposterous.

Months ago you wrote that US health organisation Planned Parenthood sold the body parts of foetuses, a claim I pointed out was false, in a letter published in this section. Failure to remember this displays your cognitive dissonance, and not for the first time.

Your habit of including falsehoods in your letters, stating “alternate facts” as truth, is well documented.

Who peddles in fake news? Let the readers judge.



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