The rabid misery of an England football fan

your say July 30, 2018 01:00

It is clearly evident to anyone who has been reading this column that recently Nigel Pike has fallen off the rails. He has basically been criticising everyone.

He even criticised me previously for making light of the Beasleys’ writings. 

I think I know what ails him. He is still getting over the opportunity missed by England’s football players in the World Cup semi-final. They had an easy draw, with seemingly everything going their way, finally winning on penalty kicks. Yet in the end they go and lose to a country with barely 4 million people. It is going to be a long time before the country that invented the sport gets such a favourable opportunity again. 

So in order to help him through his misery, I offer to send him, free of charge … a box of tissue paper. Hopefully he might then stop foaming at the mouth in this space.