Fatherly duty, or just violent rampage? 

your say July 27, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Accused of assault, Wan ‘just doing what dads do’”, The Nation, July 25.

The Nation reports: “Politician Wan Ubumrung told reporters on Tuesday that “a sense of fatherly duty” drove him to assault his son’s rival outside a Bangkok pub on the night of April 23. 

“He was granted unconditional temporary release in the assault case after posting Bt300,000 bail.”

“After securing release on bail, he declared, ‘I miss my son. I want to go back and hug him.”

Awww. He just loves his son. Acts of violence should be pardoned when they are done for love. This has made me go all teary-eyed. Give this man a father-of-the-year award. 

Reminds me of when you meet an overbearing father who for someone reason likes to aggressively tell people, “I love my kids” like it’s not a common dynamic between parents and their kids. Like they should be applauded. Add to that when they feel the need to tell you, “if someone ever hurt my kids, I’d kill them”. Good to know, buddy. Don’t know why you’re telling me this. Sounds to me like you have anger issues and are looking for an excuse to inflict violence.