How Trump supporters bend the facts to support their lies

your say July 26, 2018 01:00

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Recently published letters by Nigel Pike and Robin Grant force me to break my promise not to comment on contributions to this column by certain writers.

Pike, in his letter about US immigration (“Blame Clinton for border mess”, July 21), showed such an unbelievable and disturbing disregard for the facts that a response is needed. Virtually all news channels and newspapers have reported that President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy was responsible for the separation of toddlers from their parents. This was not the policy of President Obama. Attorney General Jeff Sessions even stated that separations were being used to provide a deterrent strong enough to block the seeking of asylum in the US. The enormous uproar among his own Republican base forced Trump to rescind and suspend the order last month. Trump was responsible for initiating this insane, inhumane policy and yet Pike called Trump’s forced U-turn “compassionate”! Breathtaking.

Mr Grant went to the trouble of complimenting Pike on his habit of giving evidence for his opinions (“Personal abuse versus original thought and reasoned argument”, July 23). Yet that evidence seems often to come in the form of lies. Before his praise for Trump’s “compassion”, Pike falsely accused Planned Parenthood of selling body parts from aborted foetuses.

With each page he takes from the playbook of the pathological liar, his credibility diminishes. Meanwhile perhaps Robin Grant should check the facts before praising “evidence” that is in reality lies.


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