Tarred and feathered by a frenzied mob of lefties

your say July 24, 2018 01:00

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Extremist? Moi?

My July 10 letter seeks to defend children from psychological disorders caused by state-sponsored sexual indoctrination, and to excoriate the criminalisation of would-be heterosexuals (“Attack on liberty and tolerance by the LGBT tyrants”). And in reward for those simple pleas for compassion, common sense and freedom, I receive an avalanche of abuse from Dr Frankfurt-School, Simon Ordure and Noah writing from his (probably Soros-funded) Ark, who brand me as a bigoted, homophobic, small-minded, belly-aching, far-right, anti-democratic, demonising, rantallion dingbat from Cuckooland. And that was in just one week!

In these days of leftist intolerance, the liberal fascists get a free pass, no matter how far-left they are, while moderate conservatives, even one step to the right of the political centre, are unceasingly hounded, criticised and even vilified as neo-Nazis.

Allow me for a moment to apply the same hate-filled perverted logic in reverse. The above three disagree with my views, do they? So that must mean they support child abuse and restrictions on sexual freedom, and therefore they hate children and normal folk, right? Sounds a bit extreme to me.

Clara Holzer (Have Your Say, July 21) identifies my detractors as “normies”. Thank you, Clara. I can think of a different word, beginning with “a” and ending with “holes”, but do not wish to heap more undue stress on The Nation’s long-suffering editors.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga