Stars of Chiang Rai light path for much bigger rescue mission 

your say July 19, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Cave boys to take first step into heat of media spotlight with interview”, Front page, yesterday.

This is the real team of world champions. No superhero cloaks, no football boots, no millionaire contracts. They won the only cup that truly matters. The trophy of solidarity, of the union of forces, of compassion, of brotherhood, of neighbourly love, that pulled off the miraculous rescue of young lives from what seemed like the jaws of certain death.  The team drew together heroes from various countries, united by a single goal. 

This is the world we need. One without false borders of fear and self-interest. 

Globalisation has brought a lot for humanity but, at the same time, it has locked doors to people seeking safe homes. Let us hope that our refugee brothers will also be welcomed with the same motivation, fruit of the power of love. Our stars in Chiang Rai survived and lit the way forward. Brave boys, warriors and blessed generous folk. We desire the continuity of this same effort for others in desperate need of rescue. Among them are the men, women and children ruthlessly abandoned on the high seas, refugees seeking their safe harbour. As wars continue, love prevails in peaceful hearts. Long live the Wild Boars and their rescuers for showing us the way.

Eliane Figueiredo