When ‘political correctness’ is actually just correct 

your say July 18, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Too many liberals demonstrating an illiberal phobia for open debate”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

In yesterday’s letters section Mr Robin Grant, who usually offers sensible and reasoned arguments, believes that I accused Nigel Pike of homophobia. Nowhere in my missive did I mention that word. In the letter in question, I took exception to Pike using the term “LGBT tyrants”, in other words demonising a minority with malice aforethought, which provoked my response. The operative word is “tyrants”, incidentally. 

I stand by my communication, and will continue to object to this kind of typically offensive use of negative language, even if the inference is of being associated with “reckless” verbiage (Mr Grant’s word, not mine) in my condemnation of small-minded bigotry.

Simon Ordsall