Hypocrisy a hallmark of LGBT activism

your say July 16, 2018 01:00

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It was inevitable that my letter of July 10 detailing the facts of the LGBT tyrants’ latest assault on would-be heterosexuals and children, and my reasoned opinions thereon, would incite the New World Order-ists to lurch forth from their foetid swamp of liberal fascism, purple-faced and throat veins bulging, to vomit hatred and intolerance upon me. 

First out of the blocks was Dr Frankfurt-School, who, apart from deriding me as a “dingbat” theorist from “Cuckooland”, comes up with the ludicrous theory that gender dysphoria and transgenderism are the result of evolution (“Liberty, or tyranny of the majority?”, July 11). Wrong, Dr F.  The science has proved that the present epidemic is a cultural phenomenon.

Next up was Simon Ordsall (“Plea for liberty was actually a homophobic rant”, July 12). With powers of comprehension one step below those of a 1970s Tandy home computer, he missed the point as always, and made the unfounded and libellous accusation that I am homophobic. He went on to declare the “moral repugnance” of creating a “barrier to advancing equality for all”. Slight snag here, Mr Ordsall – it is the LGBT tyrants who have regressed equality by banning gay conversion psychotherapy: “These activities are wrong and we are not willing to let them continue,” says the totalitarian UK government. So gender reassignment therapy and surgery for children is okay, but therapy in the reverse direction is not? That’s what I find morally repugnant, Ordsall, and there are two more words for it – blatant hypocrisy.

Nigel “Dingbat” Pike

Cuckooland (apparently), Phang Na 

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