Saving one life is saving the whole world

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Congratulations to all members of the rescue mission members for locating and extracting the trapped children from deep in the flooded Chiang Rai cave.

This is a titanic achievement, made possible by cooperation between various countries and governments, with brilliant leadership by the Thais.

The Bible says, “And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved the lives of all men”. To paraphrase: if you save one person’s life, you save the world entire. 

The brave divers who put everything on the line to search for and then retrieve the children have rendered a great service to mankind. They deserve the highest awards that the government of Thailand and 

their own governments can bestow on 


A special word of gratitude to the British cave diving experts John Volanthen and Richard Stanton for being the first to locate the children and their coach, making possible the rescue of all 13 in the group. The immediate relief they brought to the families of the missing, who must have been dreading a very different outcome, cannot be measured. 

But one member of the rescue mission, more than any other, demonstrated the true meaning of heroism. Former Thai Navy Seal Samarn Kunan gave up his own while attempting to help free the group. He deserves a nation’s everlasting tribute and gratitude.  

Rajendra Aneja

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