World has many things to be grateful for – US foreign policy is not one of them

your say July 09, 2018 01:00

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Re: “US no longer piggybank for an ungrateful world”, Letters, July 7-8.

People around the world must be truly wishing and hoping that Alf Haupt has the inside news from the White House. 

If what he says is true, that the US is no longer going to be the world’s policeman or army, it will cause celebrations of a magnitude that will dwarf the discovery of a football team in a cave. 

No more invasions on the scale of Iraq or Afghanistan, no more political manipulations to replace democratically elected leaders with army generals, no more training of right-wing militia’s to terrorise the poverty stricken people of Central America. 

We are all waiting, Alf, wishing it to be true. But past experience has taught us it’s naive to take what’s said by an American president to be the truth.


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