Women workers could boost Thai economy by trillions 

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Re: “To help solve our economic woes, hire more women”, Opinion, June 13.

I agree that bringing more women into the labour force not only reflects their right to employment but would also be a huge boost to the economy.

A new study, “The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in Asia Pacific”, finds that Asian countries could raise their annual collective gross domestic product by as much as $4.5 trillion (Bt149 trillion) by 2025.

That means Thailand could add $0.08 trillion (Bt2.5 trillion) to its annual GDP by 2025 if we continually promote women’s equality and employment. Such a huge level of extra income could fund construction of much-needed national infrastructure.

However, hiring more women entails the creation of quality childcare in the workplace, extending proper maternity leave, and arranging flexible working. While businesses will naturally be concerned about the higher costs of caring for women workers, the long-term benefits from an army of skilled and experienced female employees will outweigh the negatives.

Sutipunt Bongsununt

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