A welcome change from Thaksin’s defensive xenophobia

your say July 05, 2018 01:00

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Re: “Foreign volunteers make crucial contribution towards mission”, National, July 4.

This is very different from the Thaksin government’s reaction to foreign offers of help after the tsunami, when it famously said, “Thailand can take care of herself and needs no help from other countries.”

“We don’t want the farang to say that they built this house and they built that house,” he told the media in 2005. Many pompous politicians doing nothing to help the people.

Of course, Thailand later accepted a lot of foreign donations for tsunami recovery efforts. Where this money went has never been audited.

The current effort in Chiang Rai is mostly domestic, led by the Thai Navy SEALs. But just as they conduct joint military exercises with other countries and buy their hardware and technology, why not try rescue measures that have been used elsewhere?

Separately, I have been to Chiang Mai’s Takkatan cave and Chiang Dao cave, as well as to similar attractions in Malaysia, and would not allow my friends to go inside. They are inherently dangerous and should be closed.  The “adults in the room” have to consider what happens if something goes wrong.

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