What motivates vegans

your say July 01, 2018 01:00

Robin Grant’s letter in The Nation on June 29, overreacted to the actions of vegans impatient and frustrated to want people to understand that eating animals and their products is completely unsustainable.

As the arable land, feed and enormous water wastage for tastebud satisfaction that he insists on rubbing our noses in. We don’t have a “planet B” to utilise to feed the burgeoning human population. 

Crops could be fed to them directly rather than through farmed animals. I have never met a violent or threatening animal activist. I know they use fake blood at times to stress their point. 

If Mr Grant would take the time to educate himself he would know we are not a single issue pressure group, but rather a growing group of people who want a better future for the younger generation who will inherit the mess we are making of our planet, their very survival depends on scientific research being listened to.

Diane Cornelius

South Australia