Exaggerated views?

your say June 24, 2018 01:00

Re: “Real champions of free speech”, Have Your Say, June 14.

Bigoted anti-Muslim far-right racist? Or patriotic working class freedom fighter? I find it sad that Robin Grant, whose views I usually respect, has fallen victim to the mainstream media’s contemptible and inaccurate portrayal of Tommy Robinson, and suggest he digs a bit deeper. He might start with Tommy’s address to the Oxford Students Union, and follow on with the multitude of TV interviews, all on YouTube. Robin might even read the man’s autobiography.

The MSM’s fake news continues. Last Saturday, a second “Free Tommy” rally took place in London, at which both the BBC and The Guardian reported “hundreds” of protesters and focused solely on a minor scuffle between police and a few protesters. Now take a look at the videos and photos of the event. The crowds, estimated in “thousands” by foreign media, extended all along Whitehall as far as Trafalgar Square. And did the BBC or The Guardian make any mention of the fact that two Euro MPs, Gerard Batten and Geert Wilders, made important speeches on freedom of expression at the rally? You guessed it – no. In my earlier letter, I said there was “absolutely stuff all” in the MSM about Muslim rape gangs. I admit that was an exaggeration. The stories are now dribbling out (thanks partly to Tommy) and I should have qualified it better. So I have owned up. Now over to Robin – can you own up that your view of Tommy Robinson is, shall we say, exaggerated?

Nigel Pike