Farm-chemical battle deadlocked

your say June 20, 2018 01:00

Re: “Organic farmers threaten Government House rally unless Prayut bans chemicals”, News, June 18.

I said on Thai Visa Forum a long time ago that the sector to do with the supply of chemicals to farmers was a huge, corrupt, powerful business in Thailand – and it still is. 

The government needs to dismantle this very powerful sector and bring the supply of fertilisers, etc, under government control, and then get with the world programme of what is safe and what is not. I am actually surprised that Thailand can export grown products into world markets were these chemicals are banned.


So we all go organic, prices will rise dramatically due to the extra manual labour required, or there will be a big shortage of Thai produce as NO ONE wants to work in the fields.

Also, if the Thais won’t do it and the Burmese now also don’t want to do it. China will fill that gap. Kiss goodbye to even more Thai jobs.


What is “organic”? This world is already full of pesticides and herbicides. Thailand is one of the countries where the chemical industry still sells all the products forbidden in the US and EU – and they use it in very large amounts. 


So you either go organic or eat the pesticide-laced vegetables.

So you either pay a few extra baht or you pay the big price at the hospital or with your life.

The choice is yours.


I wonder where the ministers defending the use of these chemicals get their daily fruit and vegetables.

James D

Thai Visa