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your say June 19, 2018 01:00

Re: “The great egg debate: Are they healthy or not?”, Opinion & Analysis, June 17.

The healthiness or lack of it in consuming eggs should be irrelevant. The discussion we should be having is whether we have a right to condemn millions of inoffensive little birds to a life of hell, culminating with a brutal, agonising and terrifying death, simply because we enjoy the taste of their eggs.

Not only are laying hens deprived of all semblance of a natural life, the majority is deprived of sunshine, fresh air and space to exercise. They confined in small, cramped cages. At the slaughterhouse, those who succeed in avoiding the stun-bath and automated throat-cutter are simultaneously drowned and boiled in the scalding tank.

Although we’ve been conditioned from childhood to regard eggs as a “natural” human food, eggs were never designed to be food for anyone. They are simply part of a bird’s reproductive process – the jelly-, membrane- and albumin-filled sac in which a chick embryo develops. The question we should be asking is not is it healthy to consume eggs, but is it cruel to consume them. We should also be asking ourselves if we really want to consume a waste product expelled from a female’s bottom.

Jenny Moxham


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