Papers don’t have all the news

your say June 18, 2018 01:00

Re: “Finding the best source of news” and “A little more detail would be nice”, Have Your Say, June 15. 

I am grateful to Have Your Say’s well-read contributors for their alternative media suggestions, thus helping me to make my point. For sure, Rebel Media and Breitbart give us stories and video footage that the MSM (mainstream media) won’t touch, and in the case of Breitbart, links to source data so we can verify the truth.

Daily Mail? Hmm. A bit restricted unless the subject has large breasts and a nice bottom, but no doubt a favourite of Have Your Say’s Horace Beasley. As for the Pyongyang, Palestine and Syria media, why not? To its credit, The Nation publishes a wealth of stories from the Asia News Network, and it is educational to read alternative spins on global news from Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines. 

In answer to Somsak Pola’s barrage of questions, the professor whose story was spiked by the Financial Times was Ted Malloch, professor of political economics, who has served at the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, and was considered for the post of US ambassador to the EU.  He holds anti-globalist and anti-EU views, which the MSM don’t like and don’t want you to hear. 

To understand what’s going on in these days, it is essential to read as widely as possible and not remain a  slave to the MSM. 

Nigel Pike 

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