Change the world? Start here

your say June 18, 2018 01:00

I am flattered to have been mentioned in dispatches from some of your distinguished frequent (dare I say too frequent? Do these people have nothing better to do than fire off a letter every single day of the week?) correspondents.

I’ll take whatever praise I can get and cop any criticism on the chin. But what I’d really like to do is move the conversation forward.

Are we doomed to live in Groundhog Day where the same topics keep on coming up with the consequences being broadly predictable (i.e. no matter what is said or done, the new dawn brings with it the same old issues)?

Or are we good citizens (or residents) who want to actually achieve something positive for our own community? 

I know some writers insist that this is an international forum. That may be so, but only technically. The Nation may have a global presence on the Internet, but so does every newspaper these days. Those in the halls of power in Westminster and Washington DC pay no attention to what is said here, but the powers that be in Bangkok just might.

Even if we all wanted to, we can’t impeach Donald Trump or free Tommy Robinson or stop vast numbers of people from eating meat and drinking cow’s milk. But we can, perhaps, do something about addressing low-level corruption in our neighbourhoods, help save the local environment through small steps (such as not littering and limiting our use of plastics), improve the national education system, and iron out some of the small frustrations of life in Thailand.

Our own backyard needs tidying up. Let’s do that first before we big ourselves up by pretending that we can change the world.

B Davies