A mission to save animals from slaughter

your say June 17, 2018 01:00

“Dr” Frank complains that I “shove” my diet “down people’s throats”. (Have Your Say, June 14).

Let me explain why I do what I do. I once read that if every vegan in the world could convince one meat-eater to become a vegan and that new vegan could do the same, we could reduce by millions the number of animals who are slaughtered. 

If I can just save just one KFC chicken from being boiled alive in scalding water or one calf from living in a veal crate where he can’t even turn around, I’ll feel I’ve accomplished something great.

It’s also been estimated that in just America alone if people reduced their consumption of meat by 10 per cent we could save enough grain to feed 60 million people.

When I go to my judgement day – literally or figuratively speaking – I think God will be more than happy that I spent my life fighting cruelty than he will be unhappy that I upset people such as “DR” Frank, who helped cause the very suffering that I fought against.

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai