Blame can sometimes be misplaced

your say June 14, 2018 01:00

Are most Arabs anti-Semitic or just anti-Zionist? I just read a fascinating book, “The Arabs and the Holocaust” by Gilbert Achcar, that answers that question.

Achcar notes that many Arabs make it clear they’re not against Jews in general, just Israel. But Achcart admits that some Arabs hate Jews but it’s mostly because of the Zionist movement which started in 1917.

Achcar notes that even Jewish historians such as the highly respected Benny Morris now admit that Palestinian historians were accurate in saying the Israelis in 1948 indeed drove the Palestinians out of their homes and stole their land when Israel became a country. I should also add that even former Israeli Prime Minister Rabin admitted that he participated in kicking out the Palestinians. Achcar writes that while many Arabs condemn the Nazi Holocaust, other Arabs downplay it or deny it happened. But that’s because the Zionists use the Holocaust as an excuse to justify every atrocity Israel commits against the Palestinians. 

As an American Jew I have firsthand experience with that. Whenever I would mention Palestinian rights to a Zionist, he would often start screaming hysterically about the Nazi Holocaust without explaining why the Palestinians should be published for what the Germans did. Why indeed?

Eric Bahrt