Setting the record straight

your say June 13, 2018 01:00

My husband, Horace Beasley, has the cockamamie idea that Donald Trump’s recent antipathy to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is caused by the fact that the president does not drink. I have a simpler explanation: brown shoes.

In his recent appearance at the G-7 summit in Canada, “Cute Justin” wore brown shoes. Nowadays nobody but a country bumpkin wears brown shoes to a formal occasion. Everybody wears black shoes. Trump knows this; hence his contempt for the young Canadian heartthrob. He may also be jealous of Justin’s youthful good looks.

Let’s have more photos of handsome Justin in your columns, minus the brown shoes, to set a-flutter the hearts of elderly ladies like myself. 

Thank you in advance.

Constance Beasley (Mrs)


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