Shinawatras a headache for Prayut

your say June 13, 2018 01:00

Re: “Thaksin, Yingluck enjoying their tour of the US”, Politics, June 10.

What excellent trolling this is. I wonder how many times a day Prayut Chan-o-cha and his cohorts think about the Shinawatras. I wonder if they think of them before they go to sleep. I wonder if they dream of them. Or, perhaps better to say, have nightmares about them.

Can you imagine; after “serving” as prime minister for four years, working long hours, the travel, etc, the simple fact is that you get wiped off the front pages by people you consider fugitives? And if there were any fairness in electoral politics, either one would cream you in an election?

I wonder how many ulcers Prayut and his cadres have because of these two.

Samui Bodoh

Itchy and Scratchy can travel around the world if they want with all their money. But one thing they can’t do is come back home.


Thailand’s greatest premier and first female premier deserve their break from the cesspit that is politics in Thailand. Neither was perfect and one was very greedy – but no more than the others. I don’t know a Thai who does not look back fondly to those happier times when they were better off than living under the Army rule.

The whole world knows the truth and they can travel freely and will always remind us of the injustice and hypocrisy that thrives in Thailand.

They were no angels, just part of the rotten “system” that carries on until this day. I wish them well and hope Thailand gets truth and honesty from the upcoming youth that is pressing against the junta dinosaurs’ door.


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