A letter by any other name

your say June 11, 2018 01:00

Re: “Man enough to use real name”,  Have Your Say, June 10.

Once more Eric Bahrt spoils my breakfast with one of his egotistical, fanatical, ill-tempered rants.  He accuses Dr Frank of not giving a damn about anyone but himself without even knowing the man. 

He boasts of the many people who have praised him for his ceaseless stream of letters on vegetarianism without mentioning the legions of readers who are tired of his harping on the subject, wish he would just shut up, and would love to give him a pop in the mouth. 

He calls B Davies and Dr Frank cowards for not using their full names and boasts that he is a “real man” because he does. Maybe we should give him a medal.

Real men stay in Pattaya; they don't move to Chiang Mai.  My guess is that the reason Eric moved to Chiang Mai was that there were too many people in Pattaya ready to give him that long-overdue pop in the mouth.

Take a Valium, Eric, it will make you a more pleasant person to be around.  In fact, take two. And take up knitting or something to give you something more productive to do with your time. Sign me...

Not a Bahrt Fan