Free speech goes where it can

your say June 08, 2018 01:00

Re: “Leeds case has led us astray again”, Have Your Say, June 6.

Six letters on the UK child-rape reporting scandal in a single day, and The Nation is to be applauded for allowing the debate to take place on this page over the last two weeks, albeit with some heavier-than-usual editing, and despite the usual ill-informed drivel from Have Your Say blowhards.

B Davies laments that discussion is best left to the British papers, but alas, the British mainstream media have been complicit in trying to cover up the story.

It is regrettable in this world of fake news, non-news and creeping eradication of free speech that debate on important national issues so often has to take place outside the nation of origin. And that, Mr Davies, explains why debate on controversial Thai affairs has to be expatriated beyond the reach of the Thai thought police.

Nigel Pike