Best way to protect animals is with your vote

your say June 02, 2018 01:00

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Donald Trump has declared war against the animals!

Since coming to office he has got the US Department of Agriculture to remove reports of animal abuse from their website, lifted the ban on  importing elephant parts into the United States, supported legislation to make it easier to slaughter baby bears, and the list goes on.

We in the animal rights movement have to organise behind political candidates who stand up for the animals and expose the monsters who care nothing about them. In America, animal rights organisations know if they support a candidate they could lose their tax exemption status. So let’s form a non-tax exempt organisation whose only function is to fight for pro-animal candidates

There are millions of Americans who in one form or another are involved in animal rights. We have the votes to keep sociopaths like Trump out of office. We have to start using them now.

Eric Bahrt

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