Illuminati mission accomplished

your say May 31, 2018 01:00

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While the existence of the Illuminati is considered by some to be a conspiracy theory, one of its founding members, Albert Pike, in the late 19th century declared, “We control Islam and we’ll use it to destroy the West.”

He predicted World Wars I and II because the Illuminati contrived both. World War II would finally result in their totalitarian Luciferian New World Order.

Well, conspiracy or not, it is actually happening as planned. The UK government has issued a notice preventing any comment in the media on a court case, and has banned comment about a protester-journalist who has been arrested simply for reporting on the case.

 The UK is in a state of free-speech lockdown as of now. 

Unfortunately the UK does not have a written constitution like the US, but it does need a Second Amendment right now. The American people can be thankful to their founding fathers for their wisdom of foresight.

The Second Amendment was intended to protect the people from an unpatriotic alien form of government such as we now face in the West.

JC Wilcox