Replace loud toll-booth announcements with signs

your say May 27, 2018 01:00

The completion of the toll road from Pattaya to Bangkok is a major achievement and will no doubt improve the lives of many commuters.

However, I have to point out that this has not been achieved without inflicting considerable discomfort and stress from the incessant noise made by the staff on microphones at the toll gates at the Nongprue junction. 

This noise is at a high level of volume and is extremely intrusive except to the motorists it is intended for. 

This new toll booth is not different from the existing ones along the motorway, so I respectfully question why any explanation on their use is necessary.

At the toll, the motorist in their sound insulated cars, probably with the radio or stereo on plus other traffic noise, cannot hear the operators on their microphones (like demented karaoke singers) trying to give them instructions.

Better signage to provide the motorist with the information is required prior to arrival at the toll. This would be more appropriate, effective, safer and most of all less noise polluting for the local residents already coping with the extra traffic noise created by the highway. 

Daniel Biel