Where you can find the Illuminati

your say May 25, 2018 01:00

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Talking about conspiracy theories, don’t laugh – some of them turned out to be true after all.

For example, the claim that there is a link between the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the Illuminati, a secret society that rules the world. Yes, there is a link – a hyperlink, that is. If you type “illuminati” backward into a web browser, you will land on the NSA website.

Another example: An extraterrestrial was buried in the desert of New Mexico. This is also true. The Atari video game “ET the Extra-Terrestrial”, released in 1982, failed so badly that the company buried unsold cartridges in a desert landfill in New Mexico. 

So never ridicule JC Wilcox and the New World Order, the Rothschilds, Marxist globalism, the fake moon landing and so on.

By the way, JC, Queen Elizabeth did not ban the Obamas from the wedding – they were simply not invited, and neither was Theresa May.

Somsak Pola

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