Making wedding list a nightmare

your say May 25, 2018 01:00

Re: “UK monarchy sound, shame about the choice in marriage partners”, Have Your Say, May 22.

I have to admit to laughing uproariously at the suggestion that the EU and, even more surreal, the US Democratic Party are Marxists. 

To compound this persistent proclamation of abject silliness, the world is seemingly in thrall to “Marxist globalism”. It gets even better: apparently, the Obamas were refused, by the Queen, an invitation to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Not one scintilla of solid, irrefutable, unimpeachable evidence is offered to support this assertion, only the presumed grounds that they are persona non grata. This might well have been gleaned from one of those dodgy websites like the pro-Trump “Just News USA” that burble much, but actually say nothing.

As for why Trump himself was conspicuous by his absence, that, where I come from, amounts to the art of the bleedin’ obvious. We are informed that “many Trump-haters” were “clearly visible” at the ceremony.

Hardly surprising, really, seeing as many events of this kind are attended by sensible human beings totally unaffected by specious conspiratorial fantasies. 

Rather strangely, the author of this gobbledygook, no stranger to madcap plot theory and Trumpian apology himself, thinks that the UK is a “land of hope [the operative word] and glory” while simultaneously being penetrated by the author’s perceived sinister dark forces. 

Make of that what you will, dear reader. Personally, I reckon the writer has an ongoing bet with his mates down the pub about how much daftness he can get away with in this column.

Dr Frank