More than merely queen of England

your say May 24, 2018 01:00

Re: “UK monarchy sound, shame about the choice in marriage partners”, Have Your Say, May 22.

It seems as though JC Wilcox, one of our favourite and most entertaining conspiracy theorists and prophets of doom, has at last completely lost touch with reality. His ravings about global Marxism are best ignored, as are his mean-spirited and demeaning references to Prince Harry and his bride. 

However, as a proud Scot and Briton, I cannot sit quietly by and let Mr Wilcox get away with his unforgivable arrogance and ignorance in describing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as “the queen of England”. 

This is a term often used by Americans, who cannot be expected to know any better, but her loyal subjects have no such excuse. Her Majesty is queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and she is of course also queen of many more countries around the world, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Mr  Wilcox, hang your head in shame.

Robin Grant