In Thailand, it’s undiluted lunacy

your say May 24, 2018 01:00

Re: “HRW to junta: release peaceful pro-election protesters”, News, May 23.

The only type of “democracy” the junta is interested in is the one which they control.


Sedition? For a peaceful march calling for democratic elections? Someone has gone totally off the deep end.


It’s undiluted lunacy, isn’t it? Calling on the Leader to keep his promise of a November 2018 election is now deemed “sedition”. 

Truly, this country is run by the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” – where words really mean the opposite of what they say.

Heaven help Thailand – or, better still, let the Thais (en masse) help Thailand!


Thai Visa

Democracy comes along with responsibilities.

Manop Jeanphasook 

UNHRO, worry about your sponsors the US and while you are at it condemn Israel for murdering Palestinians with war weapons. Hundreds of them.

Oh and scrap those veto rights. Plain voting will do. Hypocrites.

B Surintarad

It’s a fake democracy.

W Boonphakdee