UK monarchy sound, shame about the choice in marriage partners 

your say May 22, 2018 01:00

Absolutely essential for a true democracy (as opposed to a democratic republic) is an apolitical head of state.

As a constitutional monarch, Queen Elizabeth II has been exemplary in representing British sovereignty. But she is not only head of state – she is head of a large privileged family that must be held to the same standards of patriotism.

It is no longer a conspiracy theory that the existence of sovereign states is under threat from the globalists’ New World Order. It is reality. It is happening both sides of the Atlantic, with the Marxist European Union and the Marxist Democrat Party in the United States.

Stateside, the movement is strongly supported by Hollywood celebrities. They blatantly display bias in favour of the previous Obama/Clinton globalist administrations while viciously attacking the nation-state patriot Donald J Trump.

The queen of England’s grandson, Prince Harry, has just married into Hollywood as we saw at his marriage to the actress Meghan Markle. Her wish to invite Barack and Michelle Obama to the wedding at Windsor Castle in England was refused by the queen, although many Trump-haters were clearly visible at the ceremony. 

Harry has married into Marxist globalism, rather like his mother would have married into Islam. Like his mother, he seems to be a naive altruistic dreamer. Thankfully, his chances of heading the Christian sovereign state of the United Kingdom are extremely remote.

God save our queen in the sovereign land of hope and glory.

J C Wilcox


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