Islam wants to destroy West

your say May 21, 2018 01:00

Re: “Blinded by prejudice to the naked aggression of Israel”, Have Your Say, May 19

I must firstly make it clear I am an atheist without any religious bias whatsoever. There is no god in Buddhism. In its common-sense teachings I find a great guide to life. They are reassuring.

Fourteen hundred years ago Islam declared war on Western civilisation. It is a civilisation based on Judeo/Christianity and the teachings of Greek philosophers, mathematicians and scientists with practicable ideas.

Islam is based simply on the self-indulgent, self-serving ideas of its misogynistic warlord founder. His method of persuasion was the use of a sword. He proved the sword to be mightier than the pen.

The world is suffering a revival of Islamic aggression. It is being perpetrated by millions employing the same fundamental tactics as those of their founder. That is why they are referred to as fundamentalists.

Perhaps the strongest supporter of these terrorist groups is the Islamic theocracy of Iran. The so-called Islamic State, Hezzbola, Boko Haram, the Council for American Islamic Relations and Hamas are all intent on the overthrow of Western democratic civilisation. That is the current reality of which even the least informed should be aware.

Iran has vowed to remove Israel from the face of the Earth. They finance and supply Hamas to incite the Palestinians to attack Israel. Israel is a very small land mass surrounded by its enemy, Islam.

Any self-respecting sovereign state whose very existence is threatened on a daily basis is going to respond powerfully using whatever means are available. When it’s about survival, it’s no-holds-barred. The Queensbury rules go out the window.

The world of reality is not a place for academics, Dr Frank. It’s a harsh practical place where human nature and natural forces create a life of constant conflict. The real world is where ideologies are played out, not simply talked about.

J C Wilcox