Hamas to blame for Gaza bloodshed

your say May 18, 2018 01:00

Re: “Embassy move pulled the trigger”, Have Your Say, May 16.

Eric Bahrt seems quite unable or unwilling to address the fundamentals of an issue, passing judgement only on what is superficial.

 All the land known as the Middle East, including Palestine and Israel, was under Jewish and Christian control for millennia. It changed hands by the sword in the seventh century when Islam appeared and carried out its violent slaughter of all who opposed it.

Hamas, the Islamic terrorist group that controls the Gaza Strip, incited the recent attack on the Israeli border.  Hamas has little regard for human life. It is perfectly prepared to sacrifice the people under its control to further its agenda.

The attack on Israel provided an ideal opportunity to discredit Israel in the eyes of the world. Their border country under attack with bombs, fire and missiles, the Israelis naturally retaliated in defence of their homeland.

Inevitably some people were killed (not murdered).

Israelis were not the aggressors – the long-suffering Palestinians were. 

The ongoing suffering and poverty is due to those controlling their very existence – the Islamic terrorist group Hamas. Hamas is desperate to portray Palestinians as victims of Israeli evil to the world at large. It does not want its people to thrive, since that would undermine its cause.

Following the border attack, Israel sent several trucks filled with food and medical supplies into Gaza. But of course neither Mr Bahrt nor the mainstream news media make mention of that.

JC Wilcox